Key Features

RelSci's unique relationship mapping tool is extremely flexible and allows you to run paths to your target prospects in a variety of ways.
My 360° Alerts
More reliable than Google Alerts, RelSci's 360° Alerts allows you to stay informed and up-to-date on the people and companies you care about the most.
Power Search
Use Power Search to generate a targeted list of individuals or organizations that fit your specific criteria.
Donor Search
Identify prospective high-value donors and utilize your existing relationships to expand your donor base.
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Upload preexisting lists of current clients, prospects, and more, or save search results to a new list.
Download results from any RelSci tool in a variety of flexible formats.
Relationship Web/Sharing
Leverage the relationship network of your entire team or organization to access warm introductions via colleagues and build your firm’s relationship capital.
Build an efficient business development strategy by understanding your network’s strengths. Visualize your reach into industries, roles, and locations.
CRM Integration
Accelerate your business development efforts by integrating RelSci into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Use a different CRM? Leverage our feed or API to build a custom integration.
Proprietary Contact Management
Stay up-to-date on all of your relationships by having proprietary contact details and notes all in one place.
Product Peek

Use RelSci’s pathing technology to access the warm introductions that will propel your business forward.

Generate highly-targeted lists of potential clients, investors, donors, and more with Power Search.

Stay in-the-know on the people and organizations you care most about with detailed profiles and targeted news alerts.

Answer key strategic questions with Relationship Discovery, a dashboard view of your organization’s relationship capital.

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