Unique Benefits Available with the Relationship Science API
Over 600 organizations use Relationship Science to connect with decision makers and accelerate their business development efforts. RelSci’s flexible API offers customers the opportunity to build customized relationship management solutions that integrate premium RelSci content into proprietary tools and workflows. Here are just a few examples of what you can build using the RelSci API.
Comprehensive Robust Dossiers
In any industry, it’s crucial to know who you’re dealing with. RelSci offers deep profiles of the important decision makers you deal with every day – prospects, clients, investors, donors, partners, and more.

With RelSci’s API, you can combine this information with your organization’s proprietary data to create a comprehensive dossier of everything you need to know about a person, all in one place.

Bring RelSci profile data into a CRM, donor database, or other internal system. Create account, opportunity, or lead reports based on who knows whom, board participation, or career history. The information you need is right at your fingertips – no separate log-in or time-consuming cross-referencing required.
Even More Customized News and Alerts
It’s hard to sift through the news each day to find the information you need. RelSci’s 360° Alerts delivers targeted content about the people and companies that matter most to you.

With access to over 200 subscription services aggregated into curated news feeds, you can track board and executive moves, transactions, donations, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Leverage the Relationship Science API to further customize alerts for users within your firm.

Want to automatically receive news on every contact you add to your CRM? Leverage the API to map your CRM contacts as RelSci relationships and receive targeted alerts. Need to incorporate relevant executive moves into your weekly company newsletter? Use the API’s sophisticated news filtering to pull the targeted headlines you need.
Sophisticated Relationship Maps
Inform your business strategy with comprehensive intelligence on how people connect. RelSci’s API enables you to analyze and visualize a person’s relationship network to understand his or her sphere of influence.

Our robust relationship data shows not only who knows whom, but reveals how well, and provides context on how two people know each other (whether via shared career history, board participation, transaction involvement, personal relationship, or other connection).

Integrate this data into your CRM or donor database to view relationship intelligence alongside account information and other proprietary data. Incorporate additional analytics or develop custom visualizations that help your users better understand how people connect. The possible insights are endless.
A Clean Contact Database
Relationship Science has invested years into building a system that integrates people data and merges duplicate records to create a single profile for each individual in our database. This system combines regularly updated intelligent algorithms with human review of difficult cases. Let it work for you by using the RelSci API to build a clean contact database.

Automatically sync your contact management system with RelSci to maintain an updated relationship web. Match your data against RelSci’s to flag duplicates or out-of-date records within your contact database. Update your contact’s affiliations with RelSci’s career information. All this and more can be done with the Relationship Science API.
RelSci API Attributes
Data Quality
Publicly-verified, accurate data on millions of profiles. Access to hundreds of news sources you know and trust. Our extensive monitoring and research systems guarantee you’re getting the most up-to-date information possible.
Customized Data
Select the data points that meet the needs of your business. Pick and choose what information matters most to you to display within your RelSci integration.
Data Security
Authentication and compliance processes ensure your proprietary information remains private. The API is an optimal solution for clients who prefer a hosted relationship management solution over a SaaS platform like RelSci.com.
Our sandbox environment allows you to explore how RelSci integrates with your content before sending your project live. Build and test queries, work through bugs, and pilot your integration.
Depth & Breadth
Extensive profiles of 10 million individuals and 1.8 million organizations. The RelSci database includes not only public companies, but also private companies, private equity and venture capital firms, start-ups, non-profits, law firms, government agencies, and more.
List Building Capability
Use the API’s lists capability to automatically sync lists of clients, prospects, donors, investors, and other people and organizations you care about into RelSci. Leverage these lists across RelSci’s tools – including pathfinder, news alerts, power search, and more – to draw actionable insights.
RelSci API Output Capabilities
Bring intelligence to your workflow with the expansive capabilities of the Relationship Science API. An API integration gives you the power of RelSci data and capabilities directly within your CRM or other proprietary system. View detailed profiles on your relationships, run paths to target individuals, access relevant news articles, or search for donors or new clients – without having to leave your platform of choice.
Over 350 Data Points
Relationship Science is the industry leader in relationship and people intelligence. We map over 150 relationship types and over 200 person and company attributes. Browse our data dictionary to discover the data that will take your business to the next level.

Access biographical data points such as relationships, career history, corporate boards, non-profit boards, education, club and association memberships, donations, investments and public holdings, awards and honors, and events.
For Developers
    "LongDescription": "Software Engineer at Relationship Science. Started working there in 2013. Previously studied at Stevens Institute of Technology.",
    "Description": "Software Engineer at Relationship Science",
    "NodeID": "Person|98765",
    "DisplayName": "Constance Noring"
    "Revenue": "$1,000,000",
    "Employees": "12345",
    "MarketCap": "$1,000,000",
    "Website": "www.relsci.com",
    "WebsiteURL": "http://www.relsci.com",
    "Industry": "Information Technology",
    "LongDescription": "Relationship Science LLC operates an online platform, which compiles information of executives and influential names and their connections. Its platform provides real-time, people-driven intelligence on influential decision makers and organizations across the public, private, financial, and nonprofit sectors. The company was founded by Neal D. Goldman in 2010 and is headquartered in New York, NY.",
    "Description": "Relationship Science is an information technology company based out of New York City.",
    "NodeID": "Org|233327",
    "DisplayName": "Relationship Science",
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For Developers
Once you have decided that an API solution is right for your organization, Relationship Science will work with you to make it happen. We offer developers the tools they need to integrate relationship intelligence into any platform or workflow. Our JSON API, available to authorized clients over the HTTPS protocol, includes REST endpoints that enable developers to retrieve data, create lists, sync contacts, and more.
Not sure where to get started?
Here are some available resources:
  • Explore comprehensive documentation with source code examples in a variety of languages
  • Develop and test your application in our sandbox environment
  • Chat with friendly RelSci developers who are happy to answer your questions