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President at Becker Capital Management, Inc.

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Becker Capital Management's utilizes a team-oriented, value-based investment process that is objective, repeatable and consistently applied. The firm offers the following products: All Cap Value Equity, All Cap Value Equity with ETFs, Large Cap Value Equity, Focuses All Cap Equity, Balanced, Balanced with ETFs and Fixed Income.The Becker All Cap Value Equity and Large Cap Value Equity strategies are based on an integrated research process that includes financial statement analysis, business model viability and growth analysis and examination of peers and competitive forces. Becker uses proprietary screens to isolate undervalued investments. Their approach is bottom-up, focusing on fundamentally sound companies. Low p/e ratios are important, but Becker also looks for growth stocks that have fallen out of favor and are trading at reasonable prices. Becker may use Wall Street research to gauge consensus/ sentiment, but use of such research is ancillary to their internal bottom-up research process. Becker's analysts use traditional valuation tools such as price/earnings, price/sales, price/book value, enterprise value/EBITDA and price/cash flow. A position may be sold, if a stock meets or exceeds its valuation target, or a better idea is generated. In the event that an analyst determines that Becker's original investment thesis is no longer valid, a stock will be sold. If a stock falls 15% from cost, a review is triggered.Becker's fixed income philosophy focuses on identifying active, value oriented and conservative fixed income investments. The firm focuses on treasury, agency, municipal, and investment grade corporate bonds, maximizing diversification from the client's other assets. Fixed income portfolios generally have a short to intermediate duration and bonds are rarely purchased with a maturity greater than 20 years. Becker actively manages the duration, sector allocation and credit exposure of client fixed income portfolios. They determine what they believe to be the optimal maturity structure and duration based on expectations for inflation, Federal Reserve policy and historical value relationships along the yield curve. Relative sector value is taken into consideration, as well as the prospects of individual corporate credits. Becker favors conservative structure and credit exposure.Becker's balanced portfolios are a combination of their All Cap Value Equity and Fixed Income investment strategies.The firm's Focused All Cap Value Equity strategy utilizes the All Cap Value Equity methods of analysis. Portfolios typically hold 25-35 stocks. Security weightings tend to be equal weighted with an initial position of 1%-4% at cost and a maximum position size of 10%.^