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Where Deals Get Done: The Top Power Restaurants in 8 U.S. Cities

Nov 20, 2018 - New York Observer

There's usually steak. $30 salads aren't the least bit unusual. But the clientele isn't just perched in that corner wraparound booth to enjoy a meal-they're there to make things happen.

They're power restaurants, where influential individuals across industries gather to break bread (often the handcrafted kind, from a very robust basket) while closing deals. Here are where the power players eat in 8 U.S. cities.

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Los Angeles: Cecconi's

This gorgeously designed offshoot of Soho House is the newer choice for Hollywood studio bigwigs who want to eschew the obvious meeting places (Chateau Marmont, NOBU) for a more modern vibe. You'll hear chatter of castings and contracts as diners dig into scrambled eggs with smoked salmon in the morning and eschew the pasta offerings for wood-fired veal chops at...