Wexford Capital LP sold $105M worth of shares in Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. in June 2018

Jul 08, 2018
Insider Transactions
Background Information
Wexford Capital LP is a hedge fund manager located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The firm was formed in February 2009 and is the successor to Wexford Capital LLC, formed in December 1995, and Wexford Management Corp., which was originally incorporated in May 1994. The firm serves as investment adviser, sub-adviser, manager or general partner with discretionary trading authority to private pooled investment vehicles, including U.S. limited partnerships and limited liability companies and non-U.S. corporations structured as hedge funds and private equity funds.
Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. engages in the exploration and development of North American onshore unconventional oil and natural gas reserves. It operates through the following business segments: Pressure Pumping, Infrastructure, Natural Sand Proppant, and Other. The Pressure Pumping segment provides pressure pumping services, also known as hydraulic fracturing, to exploration and production companies. The Infrastructure segment offers restoration, repair, transmission and distribution, and commercial services. The Natural Sand Proppant segment refers to natural sand proppant services wherein it involes mining, processing, and selling sand. The Other segment offers energy services including contract land and directional drilling, coil tubing, pressure control, flowback, cementing, acidizing, equipment rental, crude oil hauling and remote accommodation services. The company was founded on June 3, 2016 and is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.