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Using his head to make a point

Feb 20, 2019 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)

In a novel twist on a hunger strike, state Assembly Rep. Jonathan Brostoff hasn't cut his hair for a year.

And he'll keep growing the bushy black mane until he gets a bill passed that would improve life for the deaf community and the sign language interpreters they need.

This is a guy, now 35, who wore his hair very short since college.

"I prefer the aerodynamic look," he told me when I visited his east side Milwaukee home Tuesday. The Democrat represents the UW-Milwaukee area.

Now you could store things in that frizzy head of hair. So many people tell him he looks like Bob Ross that he dressed as the joyful artist last Halloween. He also hears comparisons to comedian Steven Wright and balding-on-top but crazy-on-the-sides Larry Fine of The Three S...