Tufton Oceanic (Isle of Man) Ltd. disclosed in a filing on September 30, 2018 that it increased its stake in Dorian LPG Ltd.

Nov 24, 2018
Institutional Holdings Changes
Background Information
The firm aims to deliver capital appreciation with medium volatility through their Oceanic Energy Fund. They utilize a top-down investment approach. The fund focuses on investments in the energy sector, such as renewable energy, nuclear, coal, utilities, non-conventional, pipeline, upstream, midstream, downstream and oil services in addition to GTL and LNG. They employ long and short positions through derivatives and equity instruments and seek event-driven investment opportunities.The Oceanic Hedge Fund invests in energy equities, oil services and shipping. Proprietary models are used for assessing the sector supply and demand. To balance risk exposure, the firm utilizes the low correlations between these sectors in addition to the wider associated markets. They follow long and short positions with a long bias over the investment cycle. Relative value trades between commodities and equities are evaluated in order to take advantage of valuation disconnects and pricing trends.The Oceanic Small Cap fund invests in small, high-growth pre-IPO firms across the shipping, oil services, energy and alternative energy sectors. The firm has a clear exit strategy and looks for growth or value opportunities within companies displaying solid management teams and having commercially viable technology.