The Southern Company donated between $10K and $25K to Land Trust Alliance in 2018

Jun 01, 2020
Donations and Philanthropy
Background Information
Southern Company is an American gas and electric utility holding company based in the southern United States. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with executive offices also located in Birmingham, Alabama. The company is currently the second largest utility company in the U.S. in terms of customer base. Through its subsidiaries it serves 9 million gas and electric utility customers in 6 states. Southern Company's regulated regional electric utilities serve a 120,000-square-mile (310,000 km2) territory with 27,000 miles (43,000 km) of distribution lines.
The Land Trust Alliance is a national conservation organization that works in three ways to save the places people love. First, it increases the pace of conservation, so more land and natural resources get protected. Second, it enhances the quality of conservation, so the most important lands get protected using the best practices in the business. And third, it ensures the permanence of conservation by creating the laws and resources needed to defend protected land over time. The Alliance is based in Washington, D.C., and has several regional offices.