The Philadelphia Trust Co. disclosed in a filing on December 31, 2019 that it increased its stake in CVS Health Corp.

Feb 14, 2020
Institutional Holdings Changes
Background Information
The Philadelphia Trust Company (PTC) helps clients manage their assets through strict adherence to a growth at a reasonable price discipline. They hold stocks across all market-caps and industry groups. The basic requirement is that the price they pay for securities in terms of p/e ratios be justified by the current or prospective earnings growth rates. Appreciation potential is considered wherever it occurs. PTC is not adverse to profit taking or to situation trading. PTC is committed to long-term growth. A 3 to 5-year minimum time period is required before investors can begin to see the benefits of their commitment. The firm seeks investments that have demonstrated a historic or potential pattern of earnings growth and a reasonable price, given market conditions. Portfolios typically hold up to thirty-five stocks.For fixed-income portfolios, PTC's objective is to generate a superior rate of return over time by investing in a portfolio of various fixed-income instruments including, but not limited to, US Treasuries, Agencies, Corporates, Municipals, Mortgage-Backed Instruments, Convertible Bonds and Cash Equivalents. The goal is to outperform the market in all environments by the selection and trading of fixed-income securities, based on analysis of domestic and international economic and political data. PTC employs an active investment management philosophy that will achieve client objectives, focus on total after-tax return and utilize only high quality ('A' rated or higher) marketable securities. The maximum maturity is ten years with maturities strategically positioned.