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The 'Father of Prohibition,' Andrew Volstead, didn't volunteer for the job. But he got years of hate mail for it.; "When a man goes around advocating a 'bone dry universe,'" one menacing critic wrote, "you can safely bet your boots that he has been a grea

Jan 16, 2020 - Washington Post Blogs

The father of Prohibition kept his hate mail - several boxes of it.

Andrew J. Volstead, the Republican congressman from Minnesota, wrote the law that confiscated beer, wine and liquor from every drinking person in America, and for that, he became the object of all of their angry withdrawals.

"You will go to hell soon, you damned loafer," one man wrote in a 1921 postcard, addressing him as "Volstead Prohibition Lunatic."

"Who, in God's name, would waste a perfectly good bullet, ...