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Survivors and Soldiers: Revolutionary Technology Preserves Living Testimony of Soviet Jewish Experience of Holocaust and WWII

Dec 04, 2018 - PR Newswire

PR Newswire

 Thanks to a new partnership between USC Shoah Foundation and Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG), the experiences of Russian-speaking Jews during the Holocaust and World War II will be documented for the first time in USC Shoah Foundation's award-winning "Dimensions in Testimony" program - a groundbreaking form of experiencing history that uses natural language software to enable audiences to interact with the recorded image of the survivor in a natural and conversational way.

The pioneering Dimensions in Testimony program integrates advanced recording techniques to create three-dimensional projections of survivors, which are capable of talking about their experiences during the Holocaust and answering questions in real time. Over time, the projection of the survivor "learns" from these interactions and the relevancy rate and speed of their responses improve, creating a progressively more life-like interaction. The result is a first-hand survivor's account that will remain, even after the last living survivors are gone, able to bear witness to history for future generat...