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Supermarkets criticised over 'inhumane' tea plantation conditions

Oct 10, 2019 - The Daily Telegraph (London)

OXFAM has criticised British supermarkets over the conditions workers face on tea and fruit plantations.

It criticised the "relentless" drive by supermarkets to cut costs and maximise profits, which fuels poverty, abuse and gender discrimination in supply chains originating in India and Brazil. Poor pay and harsh working conditions are common on farms and plantations that supply tea or fruit to supermarkets including Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Morrisons, an Oxfam report said.

Workers on 50 tea plantations in Assam, India, said cholera and typhoid were prevalent due to a lack of lavatory access and safe drinking water. Half the workers received government ration cards because wages were so low...