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Stocks See Worst Decline of 2019 as China Raises Trade Tensions With U.S.

Aug 05, 2019 - The New York Times

China introduced a powerful weapon to the trade war on Monday, letting its currency weaken sharply in a move that left financial markets lurching and investors worried about how the worsening hostilities between Beijing and Washington would affect corporate profits and the already slowing pace of global growth.

On Wall Street, stocks experienced their steepest drop of the year, conclusively ending a monthslong period of muted trading during which the market notched record after record.

The recent calm was first punctured last week by President Trump’s threat to impose new tariffs on $300 billion of imports from China. But it was Beijing’s decision on Monday to allow its currency to fall below the psychologically important barrier of 7 per dollar that pushed investors to abandon any lingering hope that a trade truce — worked out in a face-to-face meeting between Mr. Trump and Xi Jinping, China’s leader, a little over a month ago — would ho...