Rodney Malcolm Jones is no longer serving in their board position at Navitas Ltd.

Jul 05, 2018
Board and Executive Moves
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Councillor at Australia Business Arts Foundation
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Jan 16, 2019 - Australian Financial Review
Oct 12, 2018 - Australian Financial Review
Jan 31, 2018 - Australian Financial Review
Navitas Wealth Advisors, Inc. provides a holistic approach to wealth management. We define wealth differently than most wealth management firms. To us, wealth includes four distinct components: financial wealth, personal wealth, business wealth, and legacy wealth. Traditional wealth management often fails due to its focus only on financial and business wealth. Instead, we’ve adopted a holistic approach to planning, realizing that a wealth transfer plan that addresses all four aspects of wealth has the greatest chance of success across multiple generations. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools that enable them to obtain the greatest overall impact in each area of wealth.