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Quarterly Report: Unique Broadband Systems reports Income Before Tax of CAD-301,000 ($US-224,158) Corporate Wire Date: 04 February 2017 04:56 EST

Feb 04, 2017 - News Bites Canadian Markets


Unique Broadband Systems (TSXV:UBS.H) reported income before tax for the quarter-ended 30 November 2016 of CAD-301,000 ($US-224,158).

Financial statements as reported

(In CAD Thousand, except per share data and shares outstanding)

Balance SheetDescriptionCAD ThousandCAD ThousandNov 30, 2016Aug 31, 2016Change %AssetsCurrent assetsCash62149Down 58.4Short-term investments5151SteadyAccounts receivable and other receivables88SteadyAccounts receivable and othe...