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President Trump should bring his businesses back

Mar 02, 2017 - The Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio)

My wife and I watched the president's address to Congress Tuesday evening. As Donald Trump has done repeatedly during his campaign, he urged us to "buy American and hire American." Recalling he vowed not to eat Oreo cookies after Nabisco moved to Mexico, we eagerly waited for him to use his address to announce to his national TV audience that he was going to practice what he's been preaching and cancel his contracts to manufacture his Trump line of products that are all made outside the U.S.

Checking on a few of his many products, we found his suits and shirts are made in Bangladesh, China, South Korea and Honduras. He makes his sport coats in India. Trump ties are made in China. The Trump home line furniture and frames are made in India, Germany and Turkey. The Trump Home Glassware Line is made by Steklarna Rogaska, a Slovenian company. According to Trump's personal financial disclosure, his clothing and home goods income is $2.5 million and $13.1 mill...