People Already Want These Babies Named Romeo and Juliet to Get Married

Mar 22, 2017 - Time Magazine

It’s hard to tell if they’ll grow up into star-crossed lovers, but for now, newborns Romeo and Juliet are getting plenty of attention with their fatefully Shakespearean names. The two infants were born just hours apart at the same Bluffton, South Carolina hospital to two separate couples, neither of whom were aware of the other’s delightfully poetic name choice until the hospital’s newborn photographer Cassie Clayshulte happened to snap both babies while they were adorably snoozing.

As far as Clayshulte was able to confirm, the two families—Morgan and Edwin Hernandez, parents to Romeo; and Christiana and Allan Shifflett, parents to Juliet—don’t currently hold an ancient, violent grudge against each other, luckily. So the new Romeo and Juliet’s future looks brighter than that of their literary counterpart...