Omnes Capital SAS /Venture invested in Multix SA

Mar 22, 2017
Background Information
Multix SA manufactures spectrometric X-ray. The firm designs, produces and sells advanced spectrometric X-ray detectors, used for the identification of materials in general, non-destructive testing and the detection of explosives in luggage and packages in particular. The company was founded by Jacques Doremus and Patrick Radisson in 2010 and is headquartered in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.
Omnes-Venture is an active manager which aims to combine an industrial and strategic overview of their target sectors with operational support for investee companies and financial optimization of investments. The firm takes minority stakes in recently founded businesses with strong European and international potential, focusing on the electronics, software, telecoms, life sciences and web technology services sectors.Their investment policy draws on exclusive sources of deal flow, including the management team's personal networks and privileged links to incubator funds, start-up funds, research labs, fundraisers and Crdit Agricole group's proprietary networks. They typically invest between 2 and 10 million euros.Omnes-Venture partners with investee companies, taking seats on supervisory boards or the board of directors, while respecting investee management's independence. They contribute to the company's strategy and development opportunities, select candidates for key positions in investee companies, working to optimize their financial resources and source industrial and financial partnerships.