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North Korea tests new missile as U.S., South Korea plan exercises

Aug 06, 2019 - The Washington Times

The U.S. and South Korea on Monday moved forward with planned joint military exercises, despite warnings that the drills could derail President Trump's personal diplomacy with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The exercises, which come as Pyongyang reportedly conducted its fourth short-range missile test in the last three weeks Tuesday morning, are expected to prepare South Korea's military to retake "wartime operational control" of its forces from the U.S., The Associated Press reported.

North Korea has warned that any resumption of stalled nuclear talks with the Trump administration could be thrown into jeopardy if the U.S. and South Korea go forward with the annual drills. South Korean media reported that the drills, which will be overseen by a South Korean general, will be "toned down" compared to exercises with the U.S. in the ...