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'No tolerance whatsoever for the bulls---': Iowa Dems warn against new Bernie-Hillary wars

May 10, 2019 - Politico

Ask just about any Iowa Democrat about the state's 2016 fight-to-the-death caucuses and it elicits a similar response: a long pause, a deep breath and a plea to talk about something - anything - else.

The ghosts of Hillary Clinton's razor-thin victory over Bernie Sanders are still so vivid, and the vitriol of their Iowa battle is still so fresh, state and local Democratic Party leaders are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure the 2020 caucuses are as peaceful and bloodless as possible.

They're shutting down the conspiracy theorists at local meetings who continue to insist the 2016 caucus outcome was rigged for Clinton. They're holding back on candidate endorsements in the hopes of avoiding conflict. They're even encouraging the individual candidates to save the aggression for the general election, while going so far as to hold social events to help rival Democratic campaign staffers build a ra...