Mobeus Equity Partners LLP invested in MyTutorWeb Ltd.

Jun 27, 2018
Background Information
Mobeus Equity Partners is a leading provider of finance to SMEs. The firm invest up to £15 million into UK based companies across all sectors with an EBITDA of £1 million to £5 million and an enterprises value of £5 million to £30 million. Mobeus look for investment opportunities that offer an attractive financial return to our investors whilst considering the company's risk profile. Firm seek clear evidence of a balanced, talented management team with integrity, determination, focus and the capacity to be able to significantly increase shareholder value. Mobeus look to invest between £2 million and £15 million per transaction in businesses located throughout the UK.Mobeus like to see total alignment of interest with the management team and look to accommodate the needs of the vendors and management. Firm considers deals at a very early stage, ensuring that the investment manager can deliver the deal through our processes.
MyTutorWeb Ltd. operates online platform for parents and students to search and connect with undergraduate tutors. It specializes in many subjects such as information technology, sociology, philosophy and politics.The company was founded by James Harry Spencer Grant, Robert Grabiner and Bertie Hubbard in 2012 and is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom.