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Marketing IMPACT Council(TM) and Rose Group Int'l(TM) Announce Partnership to Guide Leaders and Their Teams in Maximizing the Strategic Positioning and Impact of Their Organization and Brand

Jun 18, 2019 - PR Newswire
Partnership Announcement

PR Newswire

 The MarketingIMPACTCouncil (http://www.mktgimpactcouncil.com), a division of Greco Enterprises, LLC and Rose Group Int'l (RGI) (http://www.rosegroupintl.com) will partner to help C-suite leaders and their teams apply a new model of change leadership to the Council's "Big M" Marketing(TM) approach. The partnership was announced at the C-Suite Network(TM) Capital Summit in San Francisco.   

Members of the MarketingIMPACTCouncil seeking to understand and adapt to the ra...