Mark F. van der Kroft is now serving in a new position at RobecoSAM AG /Private Equity

Jun 26, 2018
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
Robecosam is an active manager which performs in-house thematic top-down research to invest in sustainable private equity funds. Their team leverages the SAM and Robeco research platform to research new funds, tracking the best opportunities and accessing the top managers. They specialize in clean growth investments in the manufacturing & industrial, materials, recycling, transportation, water & wastewater, energy, air & environment and agriculture sectors.The firm's network of sustainable private equity managers provides access to numerous co-investment opportunities. They add funds of funds to their portfolios aiming to reduce the risk of losing capital and provide less dispersed returns, to add diversification by significantly decreasing dependence on general market trends and to provide better liquidity than direct investments.Robecosam's team uses in-house analytic skills to estimate the value of a portfolio and sees attractive deal flow due to distressed sellers, new regulations/acts and corporate investors that want to liquidate their holdings. The team evaluates and invests in Clean Growth Secondary Investee Funds, typically consisting of small sized (less than USD 20 million) stakes in global funds. located around the globe. By committing to secondary funds, the typical J-curve effects of primary funds can be mitigated and distributions from secondary funds can reduce the negative impact of new primary funds.