Marco Bus is now serving in a new position at Eurizon Capital SA

Jul 13, 2018
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
Chief Executive Officer at Eurizon Capital SA
Eurizon Capital has developed specific skills with reference to two types of activity: LTE management and; wrapping and product management. For LTE management, assets are managed by keeping a high correlation with the performance of the markets of reference and in respect of TEV limit. The assets are thus managed by using statistical models and the managers' qualitative assessments (in particular, in the selection of securities), integrating a top-down approach with a bottom-up approach, with the aim of being able to identify the sources of possible incremental performance vis-à-vis the markets. The quantitative models and the managers' assessments are rounded out by a rigorous activity of risk analysis and management that guides investment selection so as to limit volatility and the shifts from the trend of the markets of reference. For wrapping and product management, Eurizon Capital develops and manages unit-linked insurance products created by the insurance companies belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, including products dedicated to high-net worth individuals; developing and implementing non-directional investment strategies (partly supported by external advisors) and creating custom structures for institutional clients, in relation to specific operational and regulatory requirements.