Lisa M. Colon is now serving in a new position at Girard Partners Ltd.

Mar 27, 2017
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
Girard Partners' investment philosophy is based on the principals of asset allocation and diversification. This philosophy leads to diversification across different asset classes. Investments may include domestic and foreign equities, (exchange listed or OTC), options (covered call writing only), warrants, commercial paper, CDs, ETFs, REITs, trusts, mutual fund shares and a variety of fixed-income securities including US Treasuries, agencies, MBS, corporate debt and municipal debt.Girard Partners utilizes a proprietary research process to select stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With respect to equity research, they follow and maintain a list of approximately 80 large-cap stocks, basing their research on the fundamentals of each company and using their proprietary system to ascertain fair value for each holding. Girard also uses outside third party research to help with investment analysis. The approved list of securities is maintained by the firm's investment committee, which then determines what investments are added and subtracted from the approved list. Girard Partners employs a long-term investment approach and does not attempt to time the markets. They generally stay committed to their investment allocation and do not seek to liquidate a portfolio to avoid market losses.