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Keep a sharp lookout: Lincoln Towing will continue to prowl Chicago streets

Jan 16, 2020 - Chicago Tribune

In a dramatic U-turn of fates Wednesday, a Cook County judge ruled that the widely reviled Lincoln Towing Service, whose fearsome trucks have cast a predatory shadow across Chicago for decades, can stay in business.

Judge Neil Cohen said the Illinois Commerce Commission "violated fundamental fairness and ... due process rights" in an earlier ruling by failing to advise Lincoln Towing that it could lose its license as a result of a hearing process, reports Robert Channick in the Tribune.

The phrases "fundamental fairness" and "due process" aren't ones that immediately come to mind when thinking about Lincoln Towing, given its shady reputation. But if it is to remain in business, then Chicago needs to see a new-year-new-you version of the company, one that operates with integr...