Juan Carlos Alonso is now serving in a new position at Bekaert SA

Aug 06, 2019
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
Bekaert SA Transforming steel wire and applying advanced coating know-how. That is what we are good at. Improving both the bulk and surface properties of steel wire products since more than 130 years. That is what we do better, every day. Offering innovative solutions that add value to our customers and help them grow their business. That is what makes us better together. We purchase more than 2.7 million tons of wire rod per year as our basic material. Depending on our customers’ needs, we draw wire from it in different diameters and strengths, even as thin as ultrafine fibers of one micron. We group the wires into cords, weave or knit them into fabric, or process them into an end product. Depending on the application, we apply coatings which reduce friction, improve corrosion resistance, or enhance adhesion with other materials