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Her duty - and weapon - is cooking spicy dishes : After living in food-bland London, the Hunan-born Singapore permanent resident has been bottling her own range of sauces to satisfy her craving

Jun 09, 2019 - The Straits Times (Singapore)

When she was living in London from 2014 to 2016, Hunan-born housewife Liu Yaling hankered for spicy food the most.

"It was challenging because it was mainly Western cuisine everywhere - there was no chilli," Ms Liu, 37, recalls in a mix of Mandarin and English.

She would often accompany her 45-year-old Indian husband on his work trips to Europe. He works at oil giant Shell.

The couple are Singapore permanent residents and have an 11-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son.

During the work trips, Ms Liu started developing her own chilli recipes to satisfy her craving. Last month, she started bottling a range of sauces for her family and friends - complete with homemade labels for her bottles and pape...