Glen Joseph Buco is now serving in a new position at West Financial Services, Inc.

Oct 12, 2018
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
West Financial Services' (WFS) investment approach stresses diversified portfolios tailored to each client's individual circumstances, including risk tolerance, time horizon, tax constraints and wealth objectives. The firm maintains a long-term view. They utilize diversification across global asset classes and incorporate research-driven tactical asset allocation adjustments.For equities, WFS employs a core and satellite approach. They use low-cost, core investments in major market indices to ensure that clients participate in market movements. For the satellite portion of the portfolio, WFS uses actively managed mutual funds and ETFs to provide growth and value style exposure. They also purchase individual stocks for additional sector and dividend exposure. WFS pays close attention to valuation, establishes well-defined entry and exit points, and uses both quantitative and qualitative due diligence to investigate new opportunities.WFS' fixed income approach focuses on preservation of capital. The firm builds a foundation of high quality bonds and ladders maturities over a short-to-intermediate time period. WFS generally purchases US Treasurys, governmental agency bonds, municipal bonds, investment grade corporate securities and FDIC-insured CDs. On occasion, they may purchase less than investment grade corporate bonds.WFS is not restricted to proprietary mutual funds or securities. They may select mutual fund managers that combine strong, consistent performance with reasonable expenses. WFS may participate in IPOs upon specific client request.