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For childless women like me, dating single fathers is a no-brainer

Aug 29, 2019 - The Daily Telegraph (London)

'You're mad"; "Why would you want to tie yourself down like that?"; "Just have mine!" These are the standard responses of my friends when I tell them that - having recently started trying to date again - that my top requirement in a new partner these days is that he must have children.

Like me, most of my friends are in their early fifties. Unlike me, most are parents and still in the throes of teenage tantrums, ferrying their children around and worrying about parties and exam results.

As they see it, it's bad enough when they're your own; I certainly shouldn't be trying to complicate my life with other people's kids. I'd be best off with someone in a similar position to mine, with the freedom to do as I please, travel whenever I wish and - because I'm not raising a family - apparently enjoy a frivolous existe...