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Fiona Patten: why she wants to find a new name for the Australian Sex party: The party's leader and first MP talks about widening its base, her push for voluntary euthanasia, drug law reform and online freedom, and the schism within feminism over porn, prostitution and Fifty Shades of Grey

Mar 12, 2015 - The Guardian (London)

If you can think of a better name for the Australian Sex party than the Australian Sex party, Fiona Patten would like to hear it - really she would. Now that the party is five years old and Patten its first elected representative, she thinks it might have outgrown its "look at me" name.

Patten was a failed candidate four times before winning an upper house seat in the Victorian poll in November. She wants to be taken seriously now on a raft of issues from drug reform to voluntary euthanas...