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Finlay Minerals tumbles 7.7% - trailing 83% of stocks February 03, 2017 17:00 EST

Feb 03, 2017 - News Bites Canadian Markets


Finlay Minerals Ltd. (TSXV:FYL) has tumbled 0.50c (7.7%) from its last trading session of February 01 to close at 6.0c. Compared with the S&P/TSX 60 Index which rose 4.9 points (0.5%) in the day, the relative price change was -8.2%. The fall was exacerbated by high volume of 2.4 times the average daily volume of 12,285 shares. In the Canadian market of 1,936 stocks and 84 units traded today, the stock has a 6-month relative price strength of 17 indicating it is ...