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Facing Facebook and Google: Without a fairer market, quality news can't thrive

Nov 20, 2018 - Chicago Tribune

We often deliver frank advice to members of Congress. Today we deliver a frank alert: If companies that provide high-quality reporting and commentary can't freely bargain with the likes of Google and Facebook for a fair marketplace, then the news industry's downward financial spiral will only intensify. News staffs will continue to shrink, Americans will get less high-caliber journalism -- and the low-rent providers of skimpy, one-sided or manipulative information will happily fill that void.

To be upfront up front: This editorial promotes our company's interest, but also the interest of Chicago Tribune readers everywhere. We're echoing an effort by the News Media Alliance, a group of 2,000 local and national news outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Jour...