Exane Asset Management SA disclosed in a filing on June 30, 2018 that it increased its stake in Biogen, Inc.

Sep 22, 2018
Institutional Holdings Changes
Background Information
Exane AM is an active, conviction-based manager which incorporates fundamental analysis, market knowledge and risk management in their investment approach, aiming to capture alpha by tactically selecting assets based on qualitative, quantitative and chartist analysis.For long/short equity they cumulate buy positions with short sale positions in equities, resulting in low correlation to equity indexes. They select securities based on a fundamental approach combining stock-picking and macroeconomic analysis.Because the long/short equity strategy associates long positions with hedge positions, their strategy has a low level of correlation with stock market indexes and aims to generate performance through the arbitrage of relative valuation incoherence between different stocks or between industries, irrespective of equity market trends.