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Empire Strikes Back; British spy, spooks for hire conspire to steal U.S. election

Jul 23, 2021 - The Washington Times

The Christopher Steele dossier is the most important political document in America’s modern era.

Imported from London, the dossier contained a dozen or so bogus felony allegations against a U.S. president, Donald Trump, and aides for purported Russian election collusion. It was designed to bring his end.

Unleashing it like a piece of destructive malware, Democratic Party operatives sent the dossier coursing through Washington’s power machines to program them to get Mr. Trump.

Recipients treated the collection of 2016 memos like precious jewels FBI directorships and counter-intelligence; the Justice Department; the Barack Obama White House and his CIA and State Department; senior congressional Democrats, most notably intelligence chair Rep. Adam Schiff; and the most influential cluster of newsrooms in the world that shape and dictate Washington’s daily political strugg...