Elliott Management Corp. disclosed in a filing on December 31, 2018 that it increased its stake in FirstEnergy Corporation

Mar 04, 2019
Institutional Holdings Changes
Background Information
EMC seeks to generate a return which is as high as is consistent with a goal of minimizing losses during adverse financial market periods. The firm employs a value-added global and multi-strategy trading approach that encompasses a broad range of strategies, including, without limitation: distressed securities, equity-oriented, hedge/arbitrage, commodities trading, other debt, portfolio volatility protection, private equity and private credit, and real-estate-related securities. There are a number of elements of the firm’s investment and risk-management activities that EMC believes are essential to its goal of generating a consistent return to its investors. These elements include an opportunistic trading approach, the creation – not just the identification – of value, effective liquidity management, and managing operational and counterparty risk.