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Dwight Capital Closes Over $1.12 Billion Through the First Half of HUD's Fiscal Year and Earns #1 FHA/MAP Ranking

Apr 27, 2020 - Business Wire

Dwight Capital announced that it closed in excess of $1.12 billion in financings through the first half of HUD's fiscal year (HUD's FY begins Oct. 1). During that six-month period, Dwight financed over $102.2 MM in bridge and mezzanine loans, $867 MM in FHA/MAP loans, $81.6 MM in LEAN/Healthcare loans, and $75 MM in Interest Rate Reductions (IRR). Dwight's closings were nationwide and spanned across 30 states.

During that same six-month period, Dwight obtained over $1 billion in FHA/MAP Fi...