Damian Craven is no longer serving in their position at K2 Asset Management Ltd.

Jul 12, 2018
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
Former Head, Retail Distribution at K2 Asset Management Ltd.
K2 actively manages several funds on a Long/Short, opportunistic, trading basis, investing in Australia and New-Zealand, Asia Pacific ex Japan, and globally. Their absolute return investment process blends comprehensive top-down macroeconomic analysis and bottom-up stock analysis.The firm selects stock based on earnings, valuations and management. Their investment team identifies strong/weak earnings trends, isolates stocks which are under/overvalued relative to the sector and makes regular company visits to better understand corporate strategies.K2 has no formal limits on geography, sector or style. The investment team has a degree of autonomy for stock-picking, with each investment manager having their own investment style and methodology. Once a stock is included in the portfolio strict risk management and stop-loss guidelines apply. The investment team monitors the portfolio live through an internally-developed system allowing for accurate risk management.