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Dakota Wealth Management Makes 3rd Acquisition in its First 8 Months

Jan 02, 2019 - PR Newswire

PR Newswire

Dakota Wealth Management is pleased to announce its acquisition of the tax and advisory practice of GML Associates, in Boston, Ma., as of January 1st 2019. As a result of the combination, GML's tax and consulting practice will now operate under the Dakota Wealth Management brand. Legal services will continue to be provided by GML Associates with Dakota'sPeter RaimondiandJohn DeSimone, both attorneys and members of the Massachusetts Bar Association, joining GML's legal team.

GML Associates, which was founded in 1992 byGary Locarnoand later joined byKatelyn Ainsworth, is a consulting firm specializing in providing tax, business, estate and personal planning advice. The firm, which is comprised of attorneys and CPAs, has over 25 years industry experience providing clients with personalized estate planning and tax counseling designed to guide them through a wide range of services not typically offered by a single professional service fi...