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Congressional Research Service Report: 'Use of National Statuary Hall: Assignment & Historic Events'

Aug 30, 2020 - Targeted News Service

The Congressional Research Service issued the following report (No. R41857) entitled "Use of National Statuary Hall: Assignment and Historic Events" by Jacob R. Straus, specialist on the Congress, on Aug. 28:

Statuary Hall has been used as the setting for a variety of events, including memorial ceremonies and receptions for new Members of Congress, award presentations, and as media space after presidential addresses. This report identifies and categorizes uses of Statuary Hall since 2005.

Use of Statuary Hall is at the discretion of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Under House Rule I, clause 3, the Speaker has the authority to assign unappropriated rooms on the House side of the Capitol, including Statuary Hall. Events in Statuary Hall can also be authorized by House resolution, but no events since 2005 have been held in Statuary Hall on such auth...