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Clash in the name of care:It was a battle pitting a star surgeon against a great hospital, MGH, and the question at root was this: Is it right or safe for surgeons, as some commonly do, to run twooperations at once? Is it right that their patients may have no idea? The conflict ran for years, with careers and reputations at risk. And it isn't over yet.

Oct 25, 2015 - The Boston Globe

Dr. Kirkham Wood arrived in the operating room at Massachusetts General Hospital before 7 one August morning with a schedule for the day that would give many surgeons pause.

Wood, chief of MGH's orthopedic spine service at the time and a nationally renowned practitioner in his specialty, is a confident, veteran surgeon. He would need all of his talent and confidence this day, and then some, as he planned to tackle two complicated spinal surgeries over the next many hours — two patients, ...