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Celsius-Linnaeus Lectures 2019: Climate Change, Carbon Dioxide Storage, and Human Health

Jan 30, 2019 - Targeted News Service

Uppsala University issued the following news release:

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- What do we need to be able to store carbon dioxide in bedrock and thereby reduce the human impact on the global climate? Is climate change in combination with environmental toxins affecting human health? At the Celsius-Linnaeus lectures on 7 February, geologist Martin Blunt and microbiologist and toxicologist Linda P. Birnbaum will present research findings on some of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

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In February each year, the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University organises two lectures to be held in memory of Anders Celsius and Carl Linnaeus. The lecturers chosen are researchers whose world-leading and highly topical research has attracted considerable interest in the scientific community and is of great public intere...