Bryce Coward has changed positions at Knowledge Leaders Capital LLC

Jun 21, 2018
Board and Executive Moves
Background Information
GaveKal Capital manages the GaveKal Knowledge Leaders Fund. The fund seeks to invest in Knowledge Leaders, a group of the worlds leading innovators with deep reservoirs of intangible capital. These companies often possess competitive advantages such as strong brand, proprietary knowledge or a unique distribution mechanism. Knowledge leaders are largely service-based and advanced manufacturing businesses, often operating globally. GaveKal Capital strives to identify the worlds leading knowledge companies by employing an investment process that incorporates measurements of corporate knowledge investments. They look for high-quality growth companies demonstrating superior operating performance. By analyzing knowledge spending, GaveKal seeks to uncover attractive long-term opportunities.In addition, the firm manages the GaveKal Platform Company Fund, a US Dollar-denominated, Irish-domiciled, long/only equity fund that seeks to outperform the World MSCI by investing in companies which are evolving away from the vertically integrated business model to the platform company business model. The fund invests in equities around the world.