An Entire Walmart Layaway Department Was Paid Off by One Anonymous Man in Vermont

Nov 20, 2018 - Fortune

The holiday spirit hit one man in Derby, Vermont, a little early this year. This week the anonymous benefactor reportedly went to a Walmart store in the area and paid off all of the items in the store's layaway.

Layaway is how many low-income families who lack the funds or credit to purchase an item outright are able to make larger purchases. The items in the store's layaway storage room that the man paid off last Thursday totaled thousands of dollars, Yahoo reports.

Walmart International brought a new CEO, Judith McKenna, on board in February of this year. During her first few months on the job she made a number of changes to the company including selling the majority stake of its Brazil business and buying a 77% stake in India's biggest online retailer, Fli...