Advocacy Wealth Management LLC disclosed in a filing on December 31, 2019 that it increased its stake in Starwood Property Trust, Inc.

Jan 13, 2020
Institutional Holdings Changes
Background Information
Advocacy Wealth Management (AWM) primarily manages assets for clients seeking requiring a relatively predictable stream of income on which they depend for their well-being. Many of their clients purchase portfolios the firm has created which are bond ladders, composed of individual securities, either corporate or municipal or both, withstated maturity dates. Maturities and coupon payments are staggered to give the client regularity of income and a reasonable assurance that principal will be returned at maturity since the direct securities are all investment grade. Accordingly, AWM focuses on managingdefault risk and reinvesting unused income and return of principal. They may add other income, equity or alternative investments to enhance or diversify return. For clients with limited investment capital, the firm offers alternative portfolios that emulate the bond ladders to the degree possible while attempting appropriate diversification. AWM's investment strategies generally include long- and short-term trading of stock portfolios, mutual funds and fixed-income securities. Margin trading and option trading may be used, when appropriate.