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30 years jail term issued to a 60 year old offender for involving in sex with a victim less than 12.

Sep 22, 2018 - Legal Monitor Worldwide

30 years in federal jail has been issued to an accused Ohio man for involving in sexual action with a juvenile less than 12 and for getting into Kentucky by United States District judges.

The felon 60-year-old David Robert Dunn accepted in 2018 that in September of 2016, he went from Ohio to Scott County, Kentucky, with the involved in a sexual act with a juvenile less than 12. Dunn gave an internet ad, to which an undercover investigator with the Kentucky Attorney Generals Office replied.

At the conversations between the investigator and offender, the criminal showed that he was trying to have sex with the investigators fictitious 13 and 6 year-old daughters. The felon was introduced to the investigator and other police officers, at a pre-arranged location in Scott County and he got nabbed on September 26...