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-Hancock Prospecting - Australia's largest private taxpayer

Mar 20, 2017 - ENP Newswire

Hancock Prospecting, after decades of work and effort, is the country's largest private taxpayer, paying more than $ 3 billion in taxes since 2011.

Over the last six fiscal years, taxes paid by Hancock have averaged $ 550 million per year. It is only through private-sector companies, such as Hancock, investing, earning profits and then paying taxes that governments are able to provide vital services such as the police force, our defense forces, pensions, veterans support and healthcare.

In addition to paying significant amounts of tax, Hancock is also a major investor in Australia and one of the largest philanthropic contributors. Of course, should Hancock and other companies, not have paid such significant tax amounts, more money would have been available to invest, providing more jobs, opportunities and helping to raise living standards, in addition to enabling greater philanthropic supp...