What is Contact Aggregator?

Contact Aggregator creates a proprietary contact database by aggregating a firm's relationships and consolidating them in one place. It reveals buried connections and provides relationship insights based on communications data.

Behind the security of your organization’s firewall, RelSci’s Contact Aggregator uses customized scoring logic to analyze data – including email communication, calendar meetings, and contacts – to reveal your organization's strongest relationships. Draw insights from this consolidated information to develop your account strategy and identify the best way to get in front of your target.

A Smart, Secure
Relationship Analytics Tool
Actionable Dashboards
Users at all levels of your organization can access the intelligence they need with Contact Aggregator. A personalized view helps front-line reps track new contacts and re–engage with old ones. Managers and admins can access team-wide insights as they develop a comprehensive business development strategy.
Behind-The-Firewall Security
Contact Aggregator is installed behind your company's firewall. RelSci will not have direct access to your installation, so all personal information remains private. You may elect to share certain contact details with RelSci in order to add relationships into the RelSci platform.
Autosync Contacts to RelSci
Contact Aggregator makes uploading your contacts in RelSci easy and automatic. New connections that Contact Aggregator picks up are regularly synced to create new RelSci Relationships. Contact Aggregator calculates and assigns a strength for each RelSci relationship, adding additional insight into your firm’s network.
Contact Management
at a Glance

Contact Aggregator has a sleek, easy–to–use dashboard that provides a high-level view of all the information you need to manage your contacts and cultivate your business relationships.

The New Contacts and Leads module lists people you have not yet reached out to. Contacts Emailed gives you a rundown of your weekly connections and what you’re doing to strengthen existing relationships. The Losing Touch module is a great way to see who you need to reconnect with to maintain a thriving relationship.

Reveal Insights on Organizations

Draw insights from organizations in your firm's network. Hover over the organization's name to see a brief description and a recent history of your company's interactions, including most contacted individual, most connected colleague, and latest interaction. Contact Aggregator allows you to analyze which firms you have the strongest or weakest connections to and take actionable steps towards optimizing your organization's relationship network.

Reveal Insights on People

Uncover connections to prospects in Contact Aggregator’s People tab. See how individuals at a target organization are connected to your colleagues and how you can get a warm introduction. Increase collaboration and cross-selling opportunities across teams or departments to advance your business goals.

How Contact Aggregator Works