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News on Political Donations in Shipping & Transportation

... an auction on Wednesday. Mislatel Consortium -- comprising Uy`s Udenna and Chelsea Logistics Holdings, Mindanao Islamic Telephone and China Telecom -- has been declared the ...
... members of his group, as well as large fleet operators such as UPS and FedEx, are facing higher fines-and possibly more paperwork and time in ...
... with elite party officials might yield business opportunities. The company, the Dandong Port Group, was particularly focused on the governors in attendance, according to an ...
... One of Toronto city council's most vocal opponents of the ride-sharing app Uber received thousands of dollars in donations leading up to last year's election ...
... Renewables; Avera Health; SDN Communications; First Premier Bank; South Dakota Ethanol Producers; BNSF; MDU Resources Group Inc.; Pfizer; Dacotah Banks; State Farm; Otter Tail Corp.; ...
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